Sunday, January 25, 2009

ReHab Part Three - No More Balls

With the Master Bedroom well underway, we ( and by "we" I mostly mean Sister) took on the task of ridding the future guest room of the youth sports wallpaper. It wasn't as high quality as the paper in the Master Bedroom; something more akin to contact paper unfortunately. The task was a hard one, but Sister, T.C. Wifey and I succeeded in the end.

The balls slowly disappear - with the help of some elbow grease, the help of the Zinsser PaperTiger and a little more elbow grease, progress was made.

We also learned that the walls in this back bedroom are NOT plaster, but drywall - leading us to believe that this portion of the house is an addition to the original home

In the end, the paper came down, and with a little patching and scrapping, the balls were no more.


  1. Get ready for Jenn's Gym Norwood opening sometime before February 1, 2009.

  2. Yay for the Paper Tiger! This is going to be gorgeous--the woodwork is beautiful and appears to be in really good shape. Can't wait to see it come together!