Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ReHab Part One

Not that the house needs any work at all to be livable, there are a few areas we want to upgrade and spruce up a bit. The majority of the work is located on the second floor in the bed rooms. Here is a picture of the "Master" bedroom... ( not quite sure what makes it a Master, as it is not that much larger than the second bedroom)

As you can see, we have a lovely vertical patterned wallpaper with a somewhat simple floral pattern matched with purple wall-to-wall carpet ( which we imagine finds its inspiration from the stained glass window color)

The other room in question is the "third" bedroom, which we plan to convert to the first guest room ( and future baby room - parents, if you are reading, don't faint... no, we are not pregnant yet... just planning ahead for the future). This room was the previous owner's young son's room as you can see from the themed wallpaper.

Yes, yes... the footballs, soccer balls and even the baseballs have to go.
Another short-list item is to paint the interior of the china cabinet, as we want a fresh, clean space to place our wedding china which has YET to see the light of day.

In summary, the task list we gave ourselves which needs to be completed in 7 days ( while packing the old apartment and working during the day) includes:
  • Strip wallpaper, patch, prime and paint the Master Bedroom
  • Remove carpet and have floors sanded and sealed
  • Strip wallpaper, patch. prime and paint the Guest Bedroom
  • Patch, prime and paint the china cabinet
Yes folks, it's going to be a fun filled week of aches and pains in parts of our bodies that we had NO idea even existed. But, as the work began, we found that Champagne - the power drink of New Home Owners everywhere- makes the work go by much quicker. We are truly locked and loaded to take on the challenges!


  1. Let's not forget the gift of prescription dose motrin- big thanks to SHJ

  2. Ohhhhh you're going to have a baby- that's great. Good for you...