Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moving Day - Part one

It has arrived!
After a frantic week of boxing, organizing, taping, packing and plastic wrapping ( Sister wins for supplying us with plastic wrap) at our "old" apartment, and stripping, patching, priming and painting at our new home we have reached the fateful move date.
Our movers, who we had used in two previous moves, arrived at our apartment on a Saturday morning , faced with unloading a third floor apartment filled with at least 60 packed boxes, furniture and a piano ( on the first floor ).
Thanks to wifey to sequestering excellent boxes from her place of business!

Within 6 hours, the apartment was loaded in the truck, transported to the new home and unloaded!

They do an amazing job!

Not part of the moving crew - more part of the organization team Auntie and Remote swooped in and tackled an appropriately pink tagged kitchen

By the end of the day, the majority of the boxes were empty and broken down. A well deserved rest and meal in our new dining room was had by all!

Sorry about the chew shot wifey....