Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All aglow...

We thought we'd share a few images of our first Christmas season in our new home

The ever so angelic Mockadore ( big laugh ) getting her Christmas Present
and we were lucky to bring along some old friends and great memories into our new home

Happy New Year to everyone - Let's make it a great one!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Christmas

This will be a relatively quick post with a few pictures.

We decided to tackle the kitchen, partially at least. In the long run we would love to get new counter-tops, cabinets, floors and ceiling. This is a task and investment that will need to come later. For now though we decided to rid ourselves of the checkered /plaid wall paper in hopes to move the space into a more simple and clean looking space... less fussy.

So, below is an image sequence with a few descriptions now and then.

A beautiful shot of the "before" walls... The majority of open wall is near the " back" of the kitchen, towards the rear door and first for bath / laundry. Most of the other walls are occupied by cabinets.

When we began to take down the wallpaper we soon found that there were TWO layers of paper to remove, with the second layer being painted / sized over. This made the process VERY difficult and time consuming. Add to that all the odd nooks and slivers of wall that needed to be treated and you end up with late nights and sore backs.

We decided to go with a color in the blue range, which was also a hard choice. Trying to find just the right hue that went well with the warm wood color as well as the cabinets that we are keeping for the moment was hard task. In the end we believe we found one that fits with the style of the home as well as all the odd tones in the kitchen.

And in the end, the result was well worth all the hard work in our eyes...

We had very nice toile curtains that Wife made which have both the buff and blue colors in them. They really bring the space all together. Who knows - Obama has promised us a nice first time home-buyer pick me up in the new year which may go to complete the kitchen (or possibly towards another room in our home)