Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Back

I know, I know... it's been a LONG time since a blog post; but I have a great excuse...

No, no I don't.

But a few things have been done in our lovely home. From the beginning, even before moving into the home, we felt that some of the colors and most of the "style" of the home seemed to be better fit for a couple / family much older than we are. We have a saying called " house appropriate" and one of the biggest things that was NOT "hose appropriate" to us was the dominate blue green color of the foyer and upstairs hallway. It is a bit dark and heavy, not a horrible color, but not really a great unifying color for the interior of the home, especially with the dark wood. Here are a few "before" examples

The living room yellow was not too bad, but again, a bit old and out dated for our tastes. We are also into distinct accent colors; and to achieve a good accent, you need to have a quite, simple background... So we have moved into clean, contemporary, yet "house appropriate" neutrals. The foyer before and during painting...

The updated foyer.... and YES, we are getting a new light - more on that later

I know in the pictures it may look like "white" but the actual tone is quite charming, "Silky Bamboo" is the color, and it has a warm, bright tone to it. The remnant green at the top of the stairs belongs to the rest of the blue green upstairs. THOUGH.. seeing the pop of color at the top of the stirs has moved us to plan on placing a bright print on that wall.

The simple living room with a new sectional.. in the picture it's hard to tell the color change, but trust us.. it's great! We chose "Baja" for the living room.. and in the first pick you can see the color difference between the yellow and the new color ( on the bottom )

All in all we really like the clean bright look of the foyer and stairs, and the comfy living room...
Next - the foyer light and spring time outdoors in the wood!