Friday, June 3, 2011

The Final Countdown

As we get closer and closer to the arrival of the new family member, preparations have been in full swing. Not much text with this post, mostly pictures ( we are a visual species and we LOVE pretty looking things ) so....

My beautiful wife easing through the changes with grace and strength!

The last of the wallpaper...

the "hole" and patching that had to follow

The color pattern and scheme - the amazing quilt that the wife is making for the lil' one

boys at work and providing a little cooling for the summer months

the mural ( lets just say stencil) which is above the crib

and the crib - simple but very clean and sweet style

she said the light was just right.. and she was right...

and we are pretty sure Bella thinks this is all for her...

just a few more weeks to go!
we can't wait!


  1. i looooove the pictures and the room! you guys did a great job! we can't wait to meet the little one! xo

  2. beautiful pics!!! love the crib! can't wait to see baby woods!!

  3. Awesome! So excited!