Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uncle Bill has been waiting patiently for this one...

David Bowie moved in recently. Changes, like the one that came to my parents (me) and released by Bowie in 1972 are on track to enter our lives this June, and we are VERY excited!

She will have much love an support from mom, dad ( still have time to get use to that title ), sister(s), the Carl, and MANY, MANY more. Not to mention the future new and first time grandparents on both sides.

The wife is doing VERY well! Years of healthy livin' and a naturally taut midsection has blessed ( or cursed ) her with what many laymen onlookers consider a late-blooming-baby-bump. We are more keen on the growth and are most recently enjoying feeling "flutter" from time to time.

01.02.11_____01.09.11______ 01.16.11

01.26.11_____ 02.06.11_____ 02.27.11

We even took some time to run away from the cold and snow of a wicked northeast winter. The Babymoon found us in warm Punta Cana, sipping fruity drinks beach side and treating our wintry shell to a much appreciated thaw.

Back to reality... The current office / wife's closet / spare room / library will soon receive an update to a hopefully hip and adorable nursery for the little girl.

Current inspiration are blushing orchid tones with a muted, warm buff base.

Potential projects ( along with fitting out the nursery with the usual suspects) include the following:

  • Remove Wall Paper
  • Fix the infamous "hole"
  • Install ceiling fan
  • Paint
  • Install built in cabinets
We will keep you up-to-date on transition of the family as well as the room!!


  1. Aww, wonderful news! Congrats to you both! I'm looking forward to seeing the nursery come together!

    Your trip looks amazing...hope you enjoyed the break.

  2. congrats again steve & kate!!! can't wait to see more of the changes to come! meg

  3. I am so excited for it all!!! Yay flutter!